Neuroscience Masterminds Collaborations with Badger Springs Middle School

November 4th & December 9th

Our first two outreach sessions at Badger Springs Middle school brought sheep brains and neuroscience directly to local Riverside classrooms on Nov 4th and Dec 9th 2021! Our team for these trips consisted of David Nikom, Camila Alvarez, Yuqi Ma, Jamiela Kokash, Courtney Scaramella, and Payton DePalma. 

We ran two neuroanatomy sessions with 30 students learning the diversity and different structures of the mammalian brain. Our new sessions, we used Backyard Brains kits to record EMGs, control robotic claws, and even take someone's free will! We had so much fun working with kids that we'll be sure to come back soon!


Neuro Masterminds Badger Pic 1
Neuro Masterminds Badger Pic 1
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