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Established in January 2021, Neuroscience: Masterminds is a neuroscience outreach program that brings student volunteers from the UCR Neuroscience Graduate Program to local classrooms, camps, and communities to teach neuroscience concepts and inspire a love of science in students of diverse backgrounds. Our mission is to deliver innovative, engaging scientific education to children of all ages and backgrounds using hands-on experiments and activities, like recording electricity from our muscles or dissecting sheep brains! Participating students engage in one to two hour group sessions with neuroscience activities designed fro different age levels to improve critical thinking skills, boost scientific literacy, and raise interest in science as an exciting, viable career path. Started in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, this program has transitioned from virtual-only sessions to in-person events that have since reached hundreds of children with overwhelmingly positive feedback from students and parents alike. Schools in Riverside County as well as tutoring and mentorship programs serving populations underrepresented populations in the sciences are eligible for the program. There is no cost to participate. 

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